Concussions (a mild form of a traumatic brain injury) are recognized as a public health problem. There are over 2.3 million emergency room visits and $5.5 billion in healthcare costs from concussions each year in the U.S. and the trend continues to grow. It is estimated that another 2-3 million patients are seen outside of the emergency room or go undiagnosed. While significant advances have been made in concussion diagnosis, there have been no corresponding improvements in concussion therapy. The recognized standard of care remains: initial reduction in patient activity and in environmental stimuli and then physical therapy is started and increased to address symptoms such as dizziness, balance, visual focus, and cognitive problems. Patient recovery is variable and can last for several months. Our goal is to provide a therapy that will speed the recovery process and reduce the cost of care.

Helping the brain heal faster


Please click here to see an interactive reproduction of a causal-loop diagram (CLD) originally published by Kenzie et al. in Frontiers in Neurology.